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by Elaine Hoyt

God is doing an amazing work around the world, building and multiplying His church in every nation! We are privileged to be a part of this great movement of God, along with you, our partners! 

In June, 2022 Sam trained Christian leaders in Cyprus. Christian leaders came from 7 nations: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey, and Switzerland. We are looking forward to God doing great things through the training so that hundreds and thousands of people in the Middle East and North Africa will come to faith in Christ! 

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As we look back over the years, we rejoice at all the great things God has done in and through TRAIN.  Incredible new opportunities have arisen for our ministry to train and develop effective Pastors and Christian leaders around the world.  Over 2 million Pastors and Christian leaders were involved in EQUIP’s three year training process worldwide!  

We are humbled and excited to have had a part in training Pastors and Christian leaders in Uruguay, India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ecuador, Latvia, Thailand, Austria, Chile, and Scotland.  When we started in Uruguay, approximately 850 pastors and Christian leaders were involved in the training.  We also began our training of 800 Pastors and Christian leaders in Rio de Janeiro.  

Since 2018 we have worked in partnership with Step Forward Global Ministries to train Pastors and Christian leaders from all over the Middle East and from North Africa.

Because of your financial support, you are partners with us, and we are training Christian leaders together around the world to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.  Together we are developing effective leaders to reach the nations for Christ.  Your financial gifts help supply the training notebooks for each of these leaders, as well as help fund our travel expenses to carry out this crucial ministry.

We realize that you have many choices when it comes to your stewardship dollars, but we want to thank you for choosing to invest in equipping international leaders to fulfill the Great Commission around the world.
In Christ’s service,
Sam Hoyt  
Founder of TRAIN

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Cyprus Conference
Cyprus Conference
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