MLM Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay
"The material in these leadership manuals is the best I have seen and used!  It is so simple to understand, yet so deep". - Marcos Buzzelli
Marcos is a pastor from Argentina and translator for the MLM conferences in Montevideo, Uruguay.  He has trained 40 leaders in the MLM material and is training 10 more in a small group setting.  He is also preaching through it to his congregation of about 400 people!
Silvia Marta Arn is the Director of Strategic Development for the National Evangelical Alliance of Argentina, and she trained 52 Christian leaders!  She told us that these 52 are only the beginning.  She will begin training others as soon as she finishes the last lessons with her current 52 leaders. 
Alejandro Ferreiros from Argentina trained 64 Christian leaders!  He told us, "The material we are teaching is outstanding!  It is so practical and helpful, and it is so clear and understandable."  He is so excited for what God is doing through him as he trains more Christian leaders.

This Brazilian Pastor shared that he has been training 100 Christian leaders during the past 6 months in the leadership material that he was trained in during our first conference in Rio in June 2008!

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MLM  Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Another Rio conference testimony came from this Brazilian Pastor who is excited that God is using him to train 40 other Christian leaders!
Thiago Holanda, site coordinator for Rio de Janeiro, with his wife, Erica, said, "I am convinced that today is just the beginning for the impact that will arise with each leadership training conference.  I know that this will generate big changes in my country!" 
Pastor Helio from Rio de Janeiro August, 2009:

“It has been a real privilege for me to have the leadership training because I have only been in pastoral ministry for three years.  We have started with the tools of the training.
We have been practicing these principles training 40 people in our church.  Of these forty 60% are already effectively leading the church.  They have leadership positions in the church.  The other 40% are being trained so that they can take on various leadership positions.  In the church when we started using these principles one year and two months ago, we grew from 50 members to 140 members!”

        Moscow, Russia
Pictured above left to right are
Uri Sipkov, President of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Russia, Sam Hoyt, and Peter Mitskevich, President of Moscow Baptist Seminary.  Uri,who oversees 1200 evangelical Baptist churches in Russia, said of the training conference for Baptist Pastors, "This has been so helpful for these Pastors!"  Peter said, "This has been very, very good.  It has been so good.  Thank you for your training."  The Baptist Union has divided Russia into 70 districts.  The most influential Pastor from each district was invited to these  conferences.  Over half of these Pastors are training 10 to 20 or more other Pastors in their own districts!